Print Companies

The brands behind the apparel and in particular the jerseys are household names and most people are familiar with their products and services. Nike, Adidas, Puma, New Balance, Under Armour etc. These names usually need no further explanation. On the other hand the companies which produce the name and number kits used with the jerseys as well as the sleeve badges and other emblems are far from well-known by the average person. These companies however provide an increasingly important complement to the jersey.

Sporting ID

Sporting ID is the main company in the world of football printing. The company came into existence as a merger between Chris Kay and Metro Sports, and is owned by American multinational giant ITW. Let's look at their portfolio.

Premier League names and numbers:

PS PRO (player's issue)

PU (replica size)

EPL sleeve badges Pro-S:

Player's issues

Replica size

Champs badges:


Furthermore Sporting ID does the:

Real Madrid printing

FC Barcelona printing

Nike national teams printing

Deko Graphics

Deko Graphics is German based company with a subsidiary in Italy. The company is active in the German market and provides a number of Bundesliga clubs with their printing. As well as they provide the official Bundesliga sleeve badge.

Starting from the 2015/16 season Deko also does the official Juventus printing.

Last but not least the company is a long standing partner of Adidas and produces the official adidas names and numbers for the Adidas national teams.


Stilscreen is an Italian company from the Milano metro area. Stilscreen has for long been the Champion of Italian club printing.

The company provides the printing for AC Milan, Inter, AS Roma, Atalanta.

On top of that the company also provides the official Serie TIM sleeve badges, the Coppa Italia badge, and the Scudetto badge.

When it comes to the national team level Stilscreen is the supplier of Puma national team printing.


Spain is also represented on the list.


Monblason is a French company from southern France. The company as been existence since the earliest 20th century.


In the Category of Others....