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Customization Retro Shirts

Retro shirts are replicas or immitations of shirts from the past.

Until 1996 with the emergence of the standardized Premier League name and number set the printing was usually a very simple affair of questionable quality and design.

A part from the Premier League the printing used around Europe was rather basic until atleast 2003/04 when things started to change.

The clubs figured out that they could generate a revenue stream by turning the printing into a licensed product. And a number of producers of these licensed products emerged. Quality improved as well as design. The print design would now often be aligned with that of the jersey.

Effectively this translates into a fairly open situation when it comes to providing printing for the retro shirts. Since few standards were established until a rather recent point in time and since names on the shirts were not actually applied until 1994 at the World Cup in the USA it makes it a pretty open affair as how to customize retro shirts. One approach is to print them with a font similar to the one used at the time. Another approach is to use a font which is suitable for the purpose. Meaning being a fairly simple font in order to match the rather simple design of most retro shirts. 


In our case we opt for the second approach a applying the font we consider approprieate for the job at hand. Trying to make the retro shirt look good by aligning it according to the shape and by using a font with a design character to match that of the shirt.