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Lionel Messi is the world's number one player currently. He plays for FC Barcelona and for Argentina. For both teams he wears the jersey number 10 with the name MESSI printed at the back.

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Cristiano Ronaldo plays his football for Portugal and on a daily basis for Real Madrid. Ronaldo wears the number 7 for Portugal as well as for Real Madrid. He started out as number 17 and C. Ronaldo for Portugal since there was another RONALDO in time at the time from Brazil and another player courting the number 7 on the team called FIGO. In Real Madrid RAUL wore the number 7 when Ronaldo arrived so he was given number 9 instead. But over time he got to where he is now: CR7 and RONALDO #7 at the back of the jersey.

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic' the great Swede with his root in Bosnia is another of the world's top players. He play's his football for PSG in France as well as for the Swedish national team. He wears the number 10 for both teams and with the name IBRAHIMOVIC' at the back.

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Neymar Jr. or Neymar junior is the current star in Brazilian football and has made a successful switch to FC Barcelona where he has also triumphed. Neymar wears the jersey number 10 for Brazil but since the number 10 is already being occupied in Barcelona by someone called Messi he has had to settle for number 11 there. Not that is a big deal to Neymar himself.

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French young star Paul Pogba had a brilliant season with Juventus 14/15 and is certainly a man for the future. Pogba wears the number 6 for Juventus while he wears the number 19 for the French national team.

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Sergio "Kun" Aguero has evolved from being a great talent to now being one of the world's top strikers. A bit un-characteristically he wears the number 16 for City and different numbers for Argentina such as 8, 16, 20.

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Chilean star Alexis has been a revelation with Arsenal.

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One of the few English top players in the game of today.

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Gareth Bale is the most expensive player ever. Plays for Wales and Real Madrid. Wears the number 11.

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Robben has been crucial for the Bayern success over recent seasons. He wears the number 10 for Bayern but the Number 11 for Holland.

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The Dortmund superstar par excellence is Marco REUS. Great player on the field and quite loyal to the club off the field.

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Christian Eriksen of Denmark is the closest to a real international superstar that Danish football can provide for the time being.

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Goal Keepers

Less prominent than strikers or midfielders but still crucial for any team to be able to compete for honors. The world's top goal-keepers is a small select group of keepers who anchor their teams bringing success and glory further down the field.


The World Cup winner and Champions League winner as well as the Bundesliga champ. Manuel Neuer has been a force ever since the switch from Schalke to FC Bayern.

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David De Gea of Manchester United and Spain has evolved as one of the world's top goal-keepers over the past two seasons with Manchester United. Without his outstanding performances the club would surely have fared far worse than has actually been the case.

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Brought Atletico Madrid to seconds from winning the Champions League before making a successful switch back the Premier League where he anchored Chelsea to the 14/15 EPL title.

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Alongside with Gigi Buffon of Juventus the grand old man in European football. Casillas has won everything with Real Madrid and with Spain. He is now with FC Porto in Portugal as well as on the way to being replaced by De Gea in the national team.

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