Printing & Customization

Printing & Customization

The printing details and customization options offered here are authentic and direct from the official club providers of name and number details as well as patches and badges. Official jerseys are provided by MMSports for a selection of clubs and national teams and applies the official name and number kits in order to complete the kit.

Providers & Products

The following list contains providers of genuine printing details and their products. Customization available throughout the site is not limited to this list.

Sporting ID

Premier League PU Plastic Name and Numbers

Premier League Sleeve Badges

Real Madrid Name and Numbers

Nike National Team Name and Numbers

Sporting ID - Real Madrid Ronaldo 7


FC Barcelona Name and Numbers

LFP and TV3 Sleeve Badges

Additional Spanish Club Name and Numbers

Sipesa - Barcelona Neymar Jr 11


AC Milan Name and Numbers

Juventus Name and Numbers

Inter Milan Name and Numbers

Puma Name and Numbers

Stilscreen - AC Milan Balotelli 45

Deko Graphics

Adidas Name and Numbers

FC Bayern Munich Name and Numbers

Borussia Dortmund Name and Numbers

Deko Graphics - Bayern Munich

* Additional providers and products available on IDFD may not be listed.

* Unless stated otherwise, all customization options are genuine from club providers. Some products may state "standard lettering" if not authentic.

Personalization & Customization

Purchasing a custom jersey is easy! A selection of custom options let you pick the exact product you want. The following steps will help you choose the right product for you.

1. When viewing a product, a menu on the right side displays all options available to the customer. Select the product size you want. Refer to the size guide for measurements and details.

2. If customization is available, it will be after the size option and before "add to cart", listed under "+ CUSTOM JERSEY OPTIONS". Here you may see a drop-down box with popular player name and number options such as RONALDO 7, MESSI 10, or SCHWEINSTEIGER 31. Select the player you want.

3. If custom name and number options are available for your own details, please make sure you do not select a player from the Player Name & Number list so that they do not conflict. You may enter a name of up to 10 characters and any number from 0 to 99.

4. When a player has been selected or custom details entered, click "add to cart" to finalize your selection.

Additional Customization

Some products have additional customization or personalization options available before purchase. We provide options for official patches and badges such those of league champions (Bundesliga, Serie A, Premier League Champions), particular competitions (UEFA Champions League, La Liga, FIFA Club World Cup), and partnerships (TV3). The examples below include genuine applications of official patches and badges for the displayed teams.

Juventus - Serie A Champions PatchAC Milan - Serie A PatchBayern Munich - 12/13 Champions Patch