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Personal Information: Contact and Address details

The registration at "My account" is encrypted. Likewise the registration page upon check out is also encrypted.

Log off: You sign out from your customer account by closing all open browser windows or by clicking the log-off link.


A cookie is a unique identifier sent to your computer by a Web server and stored on your computer's hard drive. A cookie lets a computer server identify your computer. A cookie is what allows many sites to greet you upon every return with a message such as, "Hi, David Beckham! Welcome back," even before you actively login. Our cookies do not include any sensitive information, but they do help us track which of our Web pages are visited and which products are most often purchased. Please note that in order to use our Site, your Web browser must be configured to accept cookies. You can rest assured, however, that due to the way the technology of the Internet works, MM Sports does not and cannot use cookies to retrieve personal information from your computer.


Privacy Statement:

MM Sports is striving to protect the integrity of our customers by adhering to the principles laid out in the Fair Information Principles and OCED Guidelines around notice, choice, access, security, and redress - the core foundations of privacy and building trust. These principles have been codified and turned into a framework for building online trust by the non-profit organization TRUSTe. The basic principles and requirements according to this framework can be found here:

TRUSTe Program Requirements

The personally identifiable information that MM Sport's collects from our customers when they register on our website are used exclusively for 2 purposes. The first purpose is to be able to deliver the goods purchased in a secure and timely manner. For that purpose an adecuate Name (person, company, c/o etc.), postal address including street name, number, (P.O. Box, office, floor etc.) zip code, state, country is needed. The second purpose is to be able to communicate directly with the customer regarding his/her order. For that purpose as a minimum a valid email address is needed. Complementary information such as phone number, mobile number, fax number etc. can also be provided. We will leave the number of contact options available up to the customer though. The address and contact information is stored in a customer database that nobody else but the employees of the company has access to. None of this information relating to our customers will be passed on or sold to 3rd parties under any circumstances.

User Control:

In case you wish to update the address or contact information you may do so here:

Logon to my account

You can also request to have you contact and/or address information updated by us by contacting us through this form:

Contact us with a request to update address and contact information

 You may be deleted from our database at any time by contacting us by phone, fax or by e-mail:

Contact us with a request to have my address and contact information deleted from the database

Email Privacy:

First and foremost it is important to stress: Email addresses are never sold or given out to anybody. But in order to operate an online business emails are needed as a way of interacting with the customer. Information about email addresses is collected in three different ways:

  1. Customer email inquiries. If a user of the website writes us an email with a question , query , request or whatever it might be we collect the address of the sender. We use this email address in order to answer the user (whether a customer or not) but the email address is not used actively in any other way. So the email correspondence between the customer service agent and the customer/website user is not used to supplement or to pair with any information obtained through registration on the website or through the signup for newsletters. The emails are stored in our outlook mail application and are used as an ongoing conversation with the customer. Upon request we are willing to remove and delete permanently the entire thread from all folders including the inbox and sent mail folders.
  2. Signup for newsletters. By signing up for one of our newsletters either on the homepage, on a category page or after check-out your email address enters our email newsletter database which is exclusively used to send out promotional emails by MM Sports. The email addresses are not sold or passed on to third parties. Unsubscription can be done at any time by following this link to the unsubscribe page: unsubscribe from newsletter(s) or my making a request to us by email " info @ mmsports . com " with the necessary details and we will make the unsubscription immediately.
  3. Registration. When registering at the website either for opening an account or during checkout an email address will be collected. The email address is needed in order to contact the customer regarding the order. This contact might include but is not limited to notification about shipment, order status update, notification about sold out items, delays etc. The email address will be stored at the customer page with the rest of his/her contact and address details. The email address will not be used for contacting the customer regarding promotions or other marketing initiatives nor will the email address be added to the newsletter mailing list unless this has been done as separate action (see under 2 above) carried out by the customer/website user himself.

Telephone Privacy:

The customer has to enter a phone number or a mobile phone number when ordering. We usually do not use this phone number actively. However, for DHL/UPS shipments it can be useful to have a phone number available for the courier to be able to schedule a delivery over the phone. The phone number might also be used for address validation since it happens surpricingly often that an address is not stated correctly. If we need to contact the customer regarding an order e.g. being sold out of an item or longer than expected delivery time we will always write an email to the customer. It will be the rare exception where we will actually try to contact the customer by phone for issues with an order.

Company Registration Number:

DK 33 44 51 48

That is the EU authorized VAT registration number.

Contact Us:

If you have questions or concerns regarding your privacy or security on our Site, feel free to contact us by email, phone or postal mail.

Address of the legal entity:

MM Sport | Ostervold 14 | 8900 Randers | Denmark

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Contact information:

Phone: (+45) 86 43 43 27 | Fax: (+45) 86 43 47 09 | Email: info @ mmsports . com

web: mmsports . com