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Printed Products & Exchanges


In the US the jerseys are usually pre-printed with the name and number of a particular player.

Thus the printing when it comes to a player name takes place on manufacturer level.

Therefore to purchase a LeBron basketball jersey or a Brady football jersey is not considered to buy a customized or a personalized product since the product is not really altered on request of the consumer.

A customized jersey means that the printing on the backside is a name chosen by the customer for instance the name of the person for whom the jersey is purchased or a specific writing which differs from the one chosen by the team.

A fan of the New England Patriots might for one reason or another prefer "T. BRADY" rather than simply "BRADY" and thus the jersey is printed according to the specific request of this customer.

When it comes to exchanges the pre-printed jersey with a standard format player name like LEBRON #6 can be returned for an exchange or refund. The "T. BRADY" cannot since it will not be possible for the retailer to sell the product to anybody else.


In Europe the jerseys always come blank from the manufacturer. No jerseys are pre-printed with MESSI or RONALDO on the back.

Those retailers offering the official name and number kits for the jerseys thus have to purchase the jerseys from one supplier and get the official name and number kits from another. Finally the two have to be assembled putting the pieces together.

Therefore in a European context customization or personalization is different from the US. Even when purchasing a jersey with a standard name like RONALDO it is to be considered a customized product because an alteration of the original product the blank jersey has been carried out.