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  • New Premier League sleeve badge for the season 19/20

    New supplier of the official Premier League printing. Avery Dennison is taking over from Sporting ID.

    The change will take effect come the season 19/20. Which is essentially now. The name and number kits will remain the same for the upcoming season while there is a minimal change to the sleeve badges.

    A grey edge is added to the interior of the circle.

    New EPL badge 19/20

    The same change has been made to the Champs 18/19 badge which will be worn by Manchester City throughout the campaign 19/20.

  • New Barca home kit 2019/20 . . . and it ain't pretty ))

    Barcelona will wearing the ugliest kit of the club's history. Chequered ? Who came up with this brilliant idea ?? Does not look novel, does not look chique, does not look pretty. The one word that springs to mind UGLY.

    Take a look and judge for yourself.

    Barca home kit 19/20

    And what have we got in the photo above ? Men's kit as well as women's kit. Why mix the two up anyway ? Taking a progressive stance are you Nike of Oregon. . .

    Why not include field hockey players, handball , basketball , and a youth academy team as well.

    The printing is supplied by Avery Dennison. The sleeve badges by Sipesa.

    And anyone out with the hope that the away and third kits will make up for the home kit disaster. Well , not much relief there. Not quite as bad but not very pretty either.

    Barcelona kits 19/20

  • New FC Bayern home kit 2019/20

    FC Bayern München or Bayern Munich depending on the language in play has launched their kit for the season 19/20. The kit this time around is an all red affair. Red jersey, red shorts, red socks.

    Qatar Airways sponsorlogo to the left arm sleeve. Bundesliga Meister 18/19 logo to the right arm sleeve.

    Bayern home jersey 19/20

    New supplier of the name and number printing is Avery Dennison. The sleeve badge is still provided by Deko Graphics.

    Robben and Ribery are now history. Who will take over ? Gnabry and Coman ? or will further re-enforcements be required? Well, that is yet to be seen.

  • New AC Milan home kit 2019/20

    AC Milan had yet again another disappointing season in the Italian Serie A and ended up 5th.

    5th is sufficient to secure European football but not enough to secure Champions League participation. Europa League has to do.

    Nevertheless a new kit has been launched. First up is the home kit which will be used throughout the 19/20 campaign.

    The design theme: small stripes, thin stripes.

    AC Milan home kit 19/20

    The printing will once again be provided by the Italian company Stilscreen.

  • Liverpool home kit 2019/20

    The new Liverpool home kit from New Balance has now been released!

    Liverpool home kit 19/20

    The outfield jersey is red with yellow logos and white pin stripes. The collar this time around is crew neck style.

    The goalie jersey is black with gold contrast.

    All in all a very beautiful and stylish kit.

  • Juventus home kit 2019/20

    New Juventus home kit for the season 19/20 has launched!

    The kit breaks with tradition since it is two split rather than a striped design.

    Juve home kit 19/20

    The printing is white on a black background.

    Juventus home jersey

    There is a pink stripe going down the middle between the two halves.

    The very first kit Juventus sported more than 100 years back was pink. Thus even though the club is by now famous for the zebra themed black and white stripes there is a also pink tradition buried deep down.

  • Chelsea home kit 19/20

    New Chelsea home kit for the season 19/20 has now been released.

    The kit features a blue jersey with a black pattern which may resemble steel beams from their stadium or abstract art.

    Chelsea home kit 19/20

    The full kit comes with blue jersey (pattern engraved) blue shorts and white socks.

    Chelsea soccer kit 19/20

  • Dortmund home jersey 2019/20

    New Dortmund home kit for the season 19/20 has been released!

    Dortmund home kit 19/20

    The kit is a fairly conservative design with the typical yellow theme with black contrast.

    Dortmund home kit stadium

    The printing is black, the Bundesliga goes to the right arm sleeve while the Opel logo go to the left arm sleeve.

  • Liverpool in Nike come the season 2020/21 ?

    The latest rumors from the rumour mill indicate that Liverpool may sign the largest kit deal in Premier League history:

    Click here to read the details from 

    The new kit deal is said to he with Nike and is supposedly going to surpass the 75£m which Adidas is currently paying Man Utd  a season.

    Liverpool Nike home shirt 20/21

    New Balance has the right to match any offer as part of their current contract which pays Liverpool 40m£ a year. But will they be willing to double that amount . . . ??

  • Most popular clubs in Spain

    According to a survey back in 2017 these are the most popular football clubs in Spain among Spaniards:

    Click here to read the original article from Marca!

    So which is the most popular club in Spain , Madrid or Barcelona ??

    In fact Real Madrid comes out on top with 32.4% of the fans supporting los Blancos.

    Most popular club in Spain

    Barca comes second with 24.7%

    Atletico Madrid is no surprise third with 7.6% of the people having been asked declaring themselves as colchoneros / roji blancos.

    Valencia CF comes in fourth with 4.1 % of the people in Spain supporting the club from Valencia.

    Fifth and we have to go north: Athletic Bilbao  ,  from the Basque Country , and they are supported by roughly 3.9% of the population in Spain.

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