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  • B. Fernandes 18 jersey Man United

    New star has arrived at Old Trafford. Portuguese Spielmacher Bruno Fernandes.

    Bruno has been given the number 18 which happens to be the old Paul Scholes number.

    Bruno Fernandes 18Will BF become another missing piece being found and added to the mix.

    Player of the month Feb 2020Player of the month in the Premier League as of February of 2020. BF has gotten of to a very good start indeed.

  • Eriksen 24 jersey | Inter Milan is back in business!

    Finally it seems like Juventus will have a serious contender for the league title for the years to go. Inter has ramped up their signings and seem serious about challenging for title each and every season going forward.

    Yet another piece in that strategy was the signing of Danish midfielder Christian Eriksen from Spurs.

    Inter home Eriksen 24

    Eriksen will wear the jersey number 24, at least for the first 6 months with the club. What happens after that and over the summer is yet to be seen.

    Eriksen and Conte

    One main reason why so many Premier League players suddenly make their way to Italy is the man to the left. Antonio Conte, current manager of Inter Milan. He knows the Premier League well after his stint at Chelsea.

    The printing is from Stilscreen while the jerseys are provided by Nike.

  • Vinicius 25 jersey | Real Madrid strikers re-emerge to play a role

    Ronaldo left a huge gap upfront when he departed from Madrid in order to join Juventus in the summer of 2018. Real Madrid never really recouped the 40-50 goals a season which were suddenly missing. But while the season 18/19 turned out to be a disaster well then the season 19/20 has seen some sparks of light even upfront with the Madrid side.

    Brazilian youngsters Vinicius and Rodrygo have shown some skills which may indicate that better days are ahead.

    Real Madrid Vinicius 25 kit

    Vinicius started out with number 28 but has now made his way down to the number 25. Rodrygo is number 27.

    Benzema home kit Real Madrid

    Another sign of life is provided by Karim Benzema. The French striker who arrived at the Bernabeu alongside Ronaldo back in 2009. He is now kind of a talisman at the Bernabeu alongside with other long serving players like Ramos and Marcelo.

  • Ibrahimovic 21 jersey | Zlatan returns to AC Milan

    Zlatan returns to AC Milan!

    Zlatan 21 for AC Milan home kit

    The printing is from Stilscreen, the Serie A patch is from Stilscreen, the 7 Cups badge is from Sporting ID.

    In case Zlatan remains in Milan beyond the initial 6 months contract most likely he will move on to either the number 9 , 10 or 11. But for now he will stick to the 21.

    Ibrahimovic in AC Milan home uniform

    The official AC Milan home kit is provided by Puma.

  • Haaland 17 jersey | Dortmund kit 2020

    Norwegian youngster and player on the rise Erling Haaland has made the switch from Austria football and to the German Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund won the hard fought fight secure his signature.

    Haaland 17 Dortmund home kit

    The jersey is provided by Puma while the Bundesliga sleeve badge is by courtesy of Deko Graphics. The sweat jersey underneath the outfield uniform is by Puma as well.

    Haaland 17 Dortmund home kit

    The official Dortmund printing is provided by Avery Denisson these days.

    Dortmund is pre-printed by the kit supplier in this case Puma. Which means that the name is placed under the number which is rather unusual and typically only seen in the Bundesliga.

    It does look like though that the soccer cleats the young Norwegian wears are from Nike. Nike and adidas have managed to corner the market for soccer footwear to an astonishing degree. Puma is third in this game but a very distant third.

  • Manchester United third kit 19/20 | Man Utd 3rd jersey

    Bayern , Juve , Real - have all launched their third kits. Laggards Man Utd and Arsenal will not play the UCL this season. Wonder if that is the reason why they run behind their continental counterparts.

    Manchester Untied third kit 19/20

    I assume that printing will be white for the Premier League matches , and for the Cup matches most like the printing will take on a orange , pink color to match the logos.

  • Arsenal third kit 19/20 | Arsenal 3rd kit

    Arsenal has made the switch from Puma to adidas starting July 2019. Most fans consider this switch to be a step up the ladder. Among many football fans the gold standard is really set by Adidas.

    Arsenal third kit 19/20

    The printing will be yellow or white for the Premier League matches. But guaranteed yellow for the Cups matches.

  • Juventus third kit 19/20 | Juve 3rd jersey

    Juventus like all other clubs across the continent will sport 3 different kits for the season 19/20. A black/white home kit. A white/orange away kit. A blue/white third kit.

    Classical Juve secondary colors like yellow, pink, black have all been left out this time around.

    Juventus third kit 19/20

    The players showing off the new uniform are not exactly the most prominent in the squad.

    Chiellini and Pjanic. Good players but none of them have the star power of a Ronaldo or a Dybala.

    The printing for the third kit will be the same as for the home kit. WHite.

  • Real Madrid away kit 19/20 | RM away jersey

    The Real Madrid away kit for the season 19/20 is deep navy with gold contrast.

    A very beautiful and elegant kit. Shorts and socks follow the theme from the jersey.

    Real Madrid away jersey 19/20

    The printing is the same as for the home kit. Gold.

    Real Madrid away printing 19/20

    The long sleeve jersey is not available unfortunately in adult sizes. Only the kids can benefit from this elegant jersey with long sleeves.

  • Real Madrid 3rd kit | RM third jersey 19/20

    All three Real Madrid kits for the season 19/20 have been launched.

    The third kit to appear was the third kit. A mint, light green shade.

    Real Madrid third kit 19/20

    Until December of 2019 RM will continue to wear the gold patch above the adidas logo. Sign that they are the reining FIFA Club World Cup champions. Real won the title back in December of 2018.

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