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  • Faroe Islands soccer kits 2016/18

    The Faroe Islands does very well in the qualifcation matches being played for the EURO and the WORLD CUP though the tiny nation is yet to qualify for either. But with Iceland in mind who knows what the future will bring ?

    The flag of the country is blue and white. Thus it is no surprice that the home and the away kit follow this color scheme.

    Faroe Islands home kit 16/17

    The flag also contains red so like the French tricolore if everything has to be represented we need to see the blue, white, red all coming together.

    Faroe Islands home jersey

    The away kit is blue and white and with red name and number printing.

    Faroe Islands away jersey

    The kit sponsor is adidas.

  • Greenland national team kit from Kelme

    The flag of Greenland is red and white. Thus it is no major surprise that the football kits of the Greenlandic national team use the same colors.

    Red home kit and a white away kit. Essentially the same concept as seen for the Danish national team.

    Greenland home jersey 2017/18

    The new athletic apparel sponsor is Kelme, a Spanish company which has earlier had kit deals with Valencia and Real Madrid but is otherwise more famous for its cycling team than for football kit deals.

    Greenland away jersey

    The Greenland away jersey is white with black contrast. Usually the contrast is red but this time around black has been chosen for a change.

    Greenland does not play official international matches though it is unclear why not since another Danish autonomous territory the Faroe Islands does so already for a long time.

    Maybe because they do not have a pitch which lives up to the FIFA criteria and the Greenlandic FA does not have the money to play home matches abroad. . . Artificial grass fields are now present in Greenland but due to the location to the far north the season is short. The only way effectively to be able to stage a match in Greenland outside of the three summer months would be on a covered field. This kind of venue does not exist currently in Greenland.

  • Hamburg home jersey 2017/18 - HSV

    Hamburger Sports Verein or simply HSV is playing in adidas currently.

    Even though the club has not been a dominant force in German football for quite some time already it is still an important figure in the Bundesliga. Hamburg is an important city as well economically and culturally. The second biggest in population after Berlin.

    HSV home jersey 17/18The photo is taken by the harbour on the river Elb. Hamburg has the third largest harbour in Europe after Antwerp and Rotterdam. Traditionally FC St. Pauli was the club associated with the harbor in Hamburg but as the area around the river has become developed over the last couple of years the harbour has now become more integrated in the larger picture of the city.

    This might have drawn the HSV from lofty suburbs to seek some link with this economically and culturally vibrant part of the city.

  • Real Sociedad home kit 2017/18

    Real Sociedad the pearl from the Basque Country sports a blue white striped kit. Like Alaves from the capital Vitoria.

    The kit sponsor is Adidas. The shirt sponsor is a Chinese company.

    Real Sociedad home jersey 2017/18

    Nice detail with the adidas 3 stripes on the sleeve more or less becoming part of the shirt design with the white stripes going down the sleeves as well as down the torso.

  • Valencia CF third kit 2017/18 - a black with orange affair

    Valencia has launched 3 kits for the season 17/18. White/black home kit, seynara away kit, black/orange third kit.

    Valencia third kit 2017/18

    adidas continues to be the kit sponsor while Sipesa produces the name and number printing.

  • Athletic Bilbao 17/18 kits from New Balance

    Athletic Bilbao played in Nike for a number of seasons and prior to that in Umbro.

    However, starting with the season 17/18 the club will wear New Balance. New Balance is making a strong push into the football industry picking up a number of clubs across Europe.

    The crownjewel being Liverpool FC but other sizeable teams have also been put under NB contract: Sevilla, Porto, Celtic, and now Bilbao. Spanish , English and UCL football are the most popular leagues in the USA. But maybe other clubs in France like Lille, + teams in Germany, and Italy will also follow. Besides a potential increase in players wearing NB footwear.

    Athletic Bilbao home jersey 17/18

    The home kit is red/white striped. The away kit is black. The third kit is blue/white/red (almost like the Real Sociedad uniform or FC Porto for that matter).

    NB Athletic Bilbao 17/18 kits

  • New Manchester City third kit 17/18

    Manchester City are of to a strong start in the English Premier League.

    First match in the UCL was also successful for the Citizens.

    A new third kit has been released mid-October to complement the skyblue and margenta home and away kits.

    Manchester City third kit 2017/18

    The rubber accent from the shoulder and down is luckily broken up in two in order to make room for the sleeve badges. Whether for the Premier League or the Champions League.

  • New Juventus logo - New Juve merchandise duvets

    Juventus for some unknown reason decided to change the logo prior to the start of the 17/18 season.

    The new logo resembles af combination of J j capital and minuscular jay (J).

    Thus all merchandise articles will have to change as well. New designs have been introduced for a number of products. For instance the Juventus duvets consisting of pillow case and duvet cover.

    Juventus duvet set J j

    and another example. On the reverse the nickname of the club bianconeri is written. Bianco Neri is white and black.

    Juve duvet set Juve since 1897

  • Basque Country home jersey 2016/18

    Astore continues to produce the kits for the Basque national team.

    In fact the team is not an official member of FIFA and thus does not play any official matches.

    But it still manages a couple of test matches a year.

    Basque Country home jersey

    The jersey is green with white accents. A bit of red is present as well in order to represent the colors of the flag fully.

  • Real Madrid name and number printing 17/18

    The official Real Madrid printing for the season 17/18 comes in two versions.

    La Liga


    Click here to learn more about the Real Madrid 17/18 printing!

    The Spanish league association decided that all clubs en La Liga should wear the same font. RM was against the idea but eventually had to give in.

    Real Madrid tryk 17/18

    In the Champions League the club is free to wear the printing which has been devised by Adidas though.

    Real Madrid UCL printing 17/18

    This printing comes with the club logo in the numbers while the league printing comes without club logo.

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