• Valencia 19/20 home kit La Liga printing AIMAR 21

    Beautiful kit from Valencia Club de futbol. The classic colors white, black, orange blend seamlessly.

    Add to that the official La Liga printing Valencia style and you have quite a stylish kit.

    Valencia 19/20 jersey Aimar 21 Valencia 19/20 jersey La Liga printing Aimar 21
  • Over-Commercialization in football - the case of Valencia

    How many sponsor logos is it possible to fit into a soccer kit ?

    Well, the new Valencia away kit 18/19 takes the prize as the most over loaded football kit.

    No less than 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! different sponsor logos - is this is a joke ??????????

    And this is a kit launched in their centenary season. The first 100 might have been great but the next 100 ??

    So let's count.

    Front and sleeve sponsors

    front and sleeve

    lower backside

    and even the shorts do now carry a sponsor logo.

    shorts sponsor logo

    Looks like they overlooked an opportunity with the socks ................

  • Valencia CF third kit 2017/18 - a black with orange affair

    Valencia has launched 3 kits for the season 17/18. White/black home kit, seynara away kit, black/orange third kit.

    Valencia third kit 2017/18

    adidas continues to be the kit sponsor while Sipesa produces the name and number printing.

  • New Valencia away jersey 2017/18

    The new Valencia away kit has also been released in June 2017.

    The kit is yet another interpretation over the Catalan Seynara nationalist flag.

    Valencia away jersey 2017/18

    The printing for the jersey is blue to match the shorts and the blue accent on shoulders and sleeves.

    Printing from Sipesa

    Apparel from Adidas

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    Official Valencia soccer kits from adidas!

  • New Valencia home jersey 2017/18

    New brilliant beautiful home kit for Valencia CF.

    Valencia home jersey 2017/18

    The printing for the jersey is black as well in an elegant new design from Barcelona based printing provider Sipesa.

    Click here to check out the new Valencia 17/18 kits!

    Official Valencia soccer kits from adidas.

  • Valencia home and away kit 2016/17

    Valencia home and away jerseys for the season 16/17 were launched simultaneously.

    Home is white and black is away.

    Valencia home and away kit 16/17

    contrast for the home kit is black and orange while for the away kit it is orange exclusively.

    The new logo design for the Spanish league is visible to the right arm sleeve: La Liga

    Easier to deal with than LFP which nobody would know what means exactly anyway.

  • Valencia home jersey 2015/16

    New Valencia home kit for the season 2015/16.

    The slogan decided upon is: SÍ

    not sure what Valencia is saying YES to. But apart from that the jersey looks like a typical Valencia jersey. White and black. Black and white.

    Valencia home jersey 15/16

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  • Valencia away jersey 2015/16

    Adidas is ready for season number 2 as the kit sponsor of Valencia. Here is Valencia Away Jersey -

    Valencia away jersey 15/16

    Yes, to my colors. But which colors are we talking about ?

    Red, and yellow as they come in the flag of the Province of Valencia ? or is blue also involved somehow. Interesting to see how Valencia will fare in the upcoming season.

  • Valencia home kit 2014/15 from Adidas

    New Adidas Valencia 14/15 jerseys!

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    Valencia has most recently played in Kappa and in Joma.

    But starting from the season 2014/15 Valencia will switch to Adidas on a long term contract.

    Click here to read the full press release from the club with regard to the new kit deal!

    To inaugurate the new deal Valencia wore a kit which was an all white affair in a recent tournament in Hong Kong. The kit would only be used on this occasion though. For the 14/15 season a new kit will used which will only be released on a later occasion.

    Valencia home kit 2014/15 from Adidas

    Not sure how the printing will look like. If it will be same style as used during a match in Hong Kong on the 28th of May or if a new design will be released later. . .

  • Valencia home jersey 13/14 details

    Valencia 13/14 home jersey | The Details

    The Valencia 13/14 kit is once again from Joma. Valencia is the top team for the Spanish brand Joma so it is also the collection which gets the most attention to design and the most marketing spend.

    The Valencia home jersey is white as default. Usually black is the favorite choice for contrasting color.

    Orange is another popular color for Valencia so it is not surpricing that orange is used for giving the jersey a spark.

    Black is used for sponsor logos, Joma logos, Club logo, and printing on the back.

    Valencia home jersey 13/14

    Let's move on and take a look at the collar of the jersey. One of the most prominent distinctive features of a jersey.

    Valencia home jersey 13/14 collar


    Amunt Valencia meaning "Go Valencia" or "Forza Valencia" a way to encourage the team and the players. The club logo is also engraved at the back.

    The club logo is kept very stylish this time around in white / black but with the red , yellow, and blue featuring under normal circumstances. See the collar at the photo above for an example.

    Valencia home jersey club logo

    How does the logo compare to the coat of arms of the city of Valencia ?

    Valencia ciutat coat of arms



    At the backside of the collar there is an image of the Valencian flag. Similar in style to Catalunya but also slightly different with the addition of the blue area to the lefthand side.

    Valencia home jersey 13/14 flag


    On top of that there is the LFP La Liga badge to the right arm sleeve.


    Valencia LFP badge 13/14


    The badge is embroidered and in player's size.

    Joma has also tried to work on the pattern in the fabric of their jerseys so give the blank white surface a more lively expression.

    Valencia detail photo authenticity


    Probably not too hard to imitate. But the thinking behind is clear. It has to be emphazised that the product is genuine and licensed and authentic and thus should be a trusted source of authority for providing the quality one would expect from a branded product.



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