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  • Manchester United 2017-18 Away Short Sleeve Shirt Review

    By Julian Smith, NYC / Portugal
    Manchester United away jersey Review from LA


    As one of the oldest and most storied football franchises in the world, Manchester United can always expect to be in the news. Since the 2013 departure of Sir Alex Ferguson, arguably the greatest football manager of all time, headlines around United have largely been negative. United fans became accustomed to unprecedented levels of success under the “Fergie” years, and the team has struggled to live up to those standards of yesteryear, leading to outcries from anyone and everyone about the current squad.

    When United debuted their new away shirt for the 2017-18 season, the style evoked a sentiment much needed of the squad: modernization of historical glory. This kit design, as will be detailed more later in this review, is inspired by the away shirt used by United in 1990-1992. The shirt debut was coupled with some truly magical performances at the beginning of the year which unfortunately for any fan of football have waned as the season has gone on. The shirt is no less beautiful though, and while the comfort may not be up to the standard of the style, it sure is nice to look at.

    The Shirt

    Manchester United away jersey - front

    Manchester United’s 2017-18 away shirt is textured with a leaf-like design in monochrome fades. This is one of the most complex shirt bases of a top tier club in recent memory, straying far, far away from an in vogue minimalism we see with many household name shirts. Manufactured by Adidas, the shirt implements their patented climacool material.

    Recently, the major brands have begun to sell both replica and authentic versions of shirts, the latter of which is supposed to more closely resemble what the players wear. The replica shirts now tend to feel more like a normal t-shirt, with materials being a bit heavier and feeling comfortable on the body.

    Man Utd jersey Pogba - Giggs comparison

    As mentioned in the introduction, this design harkens back to the early 1990’s when Brian Robson, Mark Hughes, and an up and coming Ryan Giggs were representing the Red Devils.

    Man Utd away kit Pogba printing

    The back panel of the shirt does not contain the textured design, and is in solid black.

    Man Utd away jersey - side

    The shirt follows the recent trend of contouring the sides as it goes down the body, creating a snug but not body tight fit, which gives a slimming look as well. The Adidas stripes in white running down the sides, contrasting with the black and white glow of the shirt, make for a very nice effect.

    Man Utd away kit collar

    Adidas opted for the crew neck collar on this shirt in solid black, probably to add a bit of style stability. I couldn’t imagine if this shirt had a protruding collar or some sort of hybrid… best not to risk by overdesigning.

    Man Utd away jersey - crest

    The club badge and Adidas logo are both in white with black accents on the former, keeping the very sleek monochrome coloration. Both are stitched into the shirt, and the color continuity adds a lot of style.

    Man Utd away kit sponsor logo

    It’s a shame the Chevrolet logo is such a blaring intruder on a sleek backdrop. Even still, the yellow of the emblem isn’t too over the top. The sponsor logo is printed on, and feels like a plastic material kind of like the name and number printing.

    Man Utd away jersey inside out

    Adidas again opted for what I maintain is a very weird decision in creating this weird panel structure on the inside of the shirt. Not that it deserves much attention, but I find it totally strange and figure it’s worth sharing simply because of how weird it is!

    Man Utd away jersey - sleeve badge

    A quick note of appreciation for the Premier League badges, which I absolutely love. Again, fitting with the modernization of the shirt, the badges display the new league logo in a circular patch. It’s a bit bulky, and two badges are really unnecessary (the Premier League is the only major league that uses a badge on each arm), but I like the overall design so much I don’t mind the minor negatives.

    Man Utd away jersey - LA at night

    LA at night in the background (red)

    Man Utd away jersey at the beach

    Putting it all together, you get a pretty clean looking shirt in the black of night or the light of day!


    The Print

    New Style of Printing 17/18.

    Man Utd away jersey including printing

    The design of the new Premier League printing, which was introduced this year, is simply fantastic. I love the look of the letters and numbers, and the PS-PRO material used is light but feels durable. It’s a far cry from the Lextra felt material used in years past, which this author misses dearly, but is an upgrade from the totally boring style used between 2013-2017.

    Man Utd away jersey in Hollywood

    And of course, with one of the most bold shirt designs, only one player is fit to adorn this shirt and have this photo taken! All hail Hollywood Pogba!

    Man Utd away jersey - review score

    A rare 5 star review from me! But as I was tallying the points I thought would be fair, it became clear that this is really an exquisite shirt in many facets! The few negatives and overwhelmingly overpowered by the many positives, in my humble opinion.

    As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from MM Sports at

  • Review: FC Bayern home jersey 16/17

    By Julian Smith, NYC

    Bayern Munich 2016-17 Home Short Sleeve Shirt Review

    Bayern home jersey Taj Mahal

    The 2016-17 season was not the one Bayern hoped to have on the pitch. Disappointing runs in the domestic cup (semifinal exit) and Champions League (quarterfinal exit) were calmed by the team’s ability to retain the domestic league trophy, marking their 5th league title in a row. The kings of the Bundesliga brought in two marquee signings in boy-come-home Matts Hummels and Euro 2016 wonderkid Renato Sanches, but the team as a whole simply wasn’t able to raise their game as a collective. Impressive stats in the league (82 points, +67 GD overall, +15 points from 2nd place) were met with strong opposition in the domestic cup and Champions League, losing to rivals Borussia Dortmund and Real Madrid in each respectively. The team continues to enjoy a plethora of experienced and young talent, with exciting new signings already lined up for the season to come, and Bayern will no doubt continue to be a force to be reckoned with for years to come.
    It’s important to note this season past will mark the end of two legendary footballers on Bayern’s books, as club icon Philipp Lahm and midfield engine Xabi Alonso have hung up their boots. Auf Wiedersehen, Philipp! Adiós Xabi!
    While the tally at season end probably did not meet the squad ambition, they sure looked good in their home strip. Bright, sleek, and emblematic, Bayern’s home jersey is everything a fan should want from their team to “show their colors”, and to keep in their own wardrobes!

    The Shirt

    Bayern home jersey front

    Bayern Munich’s 2016-17 home shirt is based in bright red with white and deeper red accents. The shirt is made of Adidas climacool material, which is my personal favorite among the three major shirt manufacturers, and is comfortable and stylish both on the pitch and around the town.

    Bayern home jersey - flat

    One of my favorite things about this shirt, which Adidas has started doing in recent years, is making the shirt contoured around the waist. It’s not meant to be form fitting, so it won’t hug your curves, but it helps to create a more modern style. This looks especially cool with the Adidas stripes running down the sides, which make the contour even more pronounced.

    Bayern review pic 4

    The neck is fashioned with a mini collar, opening to the front with two buttons. I should mention that the collar is very rigid, and as long as I’ve worn it the collar has never flipped out of its natural standing position. The inside lining of the neck and the material of the buttons are trimmed in white.

    Bayern collar backside

    The club phrase, “Mia san mia” (“We are who we are.”) is stylized prominently on the back of the collar.

    Bayern home jersey - sleeve

    The sleeves are cuffed in white and contain vents on the underarm to make the shirt more breathable. The horizontal lines running on the main shirt panel do not appear on the shoulder/sleeve material.

    Bayern home jersey - collar front

    Although hard to see at a distance, the red main front panel has small, deeper red horizontal lines running across the body. Aside from adding a degree of depth and design, this feature doesn’t add or detract much from the shirt.
    The club sponsor, T-Mobile, has maintained the same style of logo on the front of Bayern’s home shirt since 2010. The material is the same as the shirt print and is plain white. The club badge is sewn in, which is my personal favorite method of application.

    Bayern sleeve badge Meister 25

    This is in stark contrast to the league badge on the sleeve, which has a great design but is a flat patch. I much preferred league patches of years past (see some of my other Bundesliga team reviews), which were 3D and made of a felt material.

    The Print

    Bayern printing 16/17

    Bayern’s print is simple enough: a plain and simple font with solid white color. I do like that the club crest on the number is colored in.

    Bayern home printing 16/17


    It follows their traditional style of printing the player name below the number, something the club has done for many years. All shirts (even those without a player printed) contain the clubs name as written in German “Bayern München”, on the back of the shirt right above the shoulder blades.


    Bayern home jersey - review score

    Adidas opted for a shirt that is easy to like, with its minimal design and plain printing, but it really does look good. In my view, this is their best home shirt since the 2012, which was similar in design except it opted for gold trim instead of white and had no collar.
    As always, the official kit and printing are available to purchase from iDfootballdesk.

  • Review: Juventus adizero home jersey 2015/16

    Review: Juventus Home 15/16 Adidas Adizero Jersey!

    by Binh Nguyen, MA - USA

    The old lady of European and Italian football was joined by adidas this year for the first time in the history, hoping that this classic jersey will take them far in all the competitions and take them to the next level!


    This 2015/2016 home adizero kit honors tradition with the vertical black and white stripes! Extra hem was added on the bottom of the jersey with a subtle tonal graphic print, which draws inspiration from the Juventus stadium. The new club cress looks sharp and for the first time, Juve will wear the three stars above their famous cress.

    Juve home kit Scudetto Coppa Italia


    The tech specs on this jersey are as impressive as you'd expect for Italy's finest side. This adizero version has a club cress heat transfer on to the jersey. The adidas logo along with the Jeep sponsor were also screen printed on. The 3 adidas stripes are made with a light and thin material to make the jersey super light weight. The fabric used in this jersey are thinner and highly breathable. It's 40% lighter then the climacool version. This authentic adizero jersey has a slimmer fitting compare to the fan version. I suggest you stay true to size if you want a tighter fit, or I'd go a size up if you want a looser fit.

    Juve home kit Chiellini 3


    In this jersey, it came with a scudetto patch and a coppa italia winner patch. In addition, I had this jersey customized with Uefa Champions League patches (star ball and respect) on both sleeves and Chiellini number 3. MMSports did a fantastic job putting them on! It looks smooth and add a touch to make this jersey looks top class.

  • Nike Store | EPL printing style ? PS PRO or PU Amateur ?

    Though it took 9 days and 6 interactions with customer service finally a suitable reply was provided.

    For the authentic Man City home shirt according to the info provided by Nike customer service the Nike online store does in fact provide the real thing. The PS PRO player's issue name and number kit.

    Below the conversation. latest first.

    Nike Online store

    Hi Mikkel,

    Thank you for your patience.

    Jim is out of the office so I will be happy to pass on the findings from our seniour management team.

    The technology that we use is Polystretch Polyurethane heat transfers and it is the PS PRO player's size

    If you have any further queries, please get back to us again.

    All the best,


    EPL Printing Style
     Discussion Thread
     Response Via Email (Sotiria) 09/16/2015 04:09 PM
    Hi Mikkel,

    Thank you for your response.

    I can confirm that your question has been escalated to the appropriate team so that they can provide us with an answer!

    As soon as the managers respond about it, we will let you know!

    Take care and have a nice day,


    EPL Printing Style
     Wątek dyskusji
     Odpowiedź Przez e-mail (Sotiria) 2015-09-16 02:13 PM
    Hi Mikkel,

    I hope this e mail finds you well!

    Thank you for giving me the time to escalate your question to the appropriate department of Nike!

    I have just received a response that the same question is already being reviewed at the moment. We will contact you again as soon as the appropriate department of Nike comes back with a response regarding the information that you would like to have.

    Thank you, Mikkel and take care,


    EPL Printing Style
     Discussion Thread
     Response Via Email (Sotiria) 09/15/2015 03:34 PM
    Hi Mikkel,

    Thank you for your questions regarding our Nike 2015/16 Manchester City shirt.

    I have also checked the description of the product and I cannot find that information on our web site either. In order to make sure that I am providing you with the correct information, Mikkel, I would like to escalate this to my managers team and ask them regarding this issue!

    Please, bear with me until I got a response from them and I will contact you as soon as that happens!

    Thank you, Mikkel and talk to you soon,


     Auto-Response 09/15/2015 08:47 AM
     Customer By Web Form (Mikkel Bager) 09/15/2015 08:47 AM
    Dear Sir / Madam.

    I was looking at this product:

    The Manchester City home shirt.
    However, I could not see from the product description what kind of printing is being used to customize the shirt ?
    Is it the player's version PS PRO or is it the replica version PU transfer ?

    Thank you for your time.
    kind regards

    Discussion Thread
     Response Via Email (James) 09/10/2015 11:27 AM
    Hi Mikkel,

    I hope that all is well!

    Regarding your enquiry about the printing style, I will look further into this for you, and I will be back in contact as I have further details to provide you with.

    I wish you a great day in the meantime!


     Auto-Response 09/09/2015 09:29 PM
    Thank you for contacting the Customer Service Team!

    We have received your inquiry and we will do our absolute best to respond to you within 24 hours. Your reference number is [150910-013733]. Please note that emails are answered in the order they are received.

    For time-sensitive issues, you can give us a call from Monday to Friday. To see our local opening hours and phone numbers per country, please click here On Saturdays, our English Consumer Service Support line is open from 10:00 to 18:00 (local time).

    We also would like to let you know that you may be able to quickly find the answer to your question by visiting our Get Help page at We’ve put together some helpful answers to frequently asked questions about our products, policies, and procedures. You can also browse our great selection of athletic apparel, shoes, and equipment at

    Our priority is to provide you with the service that you would expect of Nike. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We look forward to helping you with your inquiry.


     Customer By Web Form (Mikkel Bager) 09/09/2015 09:29 PM
    I was looking at your Man City home shirt: wonder what kind of printing style you apply ?
    is it the PU replica size or the PS PRO player's size ?thanks.
  • 2015-16 Portugal Away Jersey Review

    By Julian Smith, NYC

    Portugal away jersey 2015/16 | back in black

    Portugal away jersey in black

    Portugal: a country of 10 million people and some of the most recognized football icons on the planet. Super agent Jorge Mendes, super manager José Mourinho, and super hero Cristiano Ronaldo all hail from the Western-most European nation that has experienced staggered footballing success. A Seleção das Quinas first appeared on the football map with the emergence of Eusébio, who led Portugal to a third place finish at the 1966 World Cup. Some years of anonymity ensued, followed by a golden generation: which included the likes of Luís Figo, Rui Costa, Pauleta, and Vítor Baía. While those stars underwhelmed in their prime, eventually Portugal finished in 2nd place at Euro 2004, and in 4th place at the 2006 World Cup. That era ended as the era of Cristiano Ronaldo began, but his international teammates have relied too much on his superior abilities and have not been able to seriously challenge for a trophy of late. There is promise for the future, though, as a number of youngsters have shown serious ability, dominating many at the 2015 U-21 European Championship before suffering a shock loss to the Swedish. Hopefully, the elusive first trophy will enter the empty cabinet after Euro 2016 and get Portugal on a winning track.

    In the meantime, they can hope that Nike continues to ensure they at least look good on the pitch. The 2015 away jersey is stunning in appearance, but leaves much to be desired when worn.

    The Shirt

    Portugal away jersey - front number 7

    Nike used a v-neck with a bottom lip, which I rather like on this shirt given that it all blends together. The v-neck is also used on the 2015 USA home shirts, but the contrasting colors make it look much more awkward. The red accent around the opening with infused green piping adds a nice bit of flair.


    Portugal away kit detail

    In this close up, you can see the poor material quality. Honestly, just by looking at it I think you can see how uncomfortable it is… on a happier note, the badge is nicely sewn into the shirt with black stitching.

    Portugal front number details

    The Nike logo is in red, which works well with everything else. Green would’ve looked out of place and white would be too much contrast.

    Portugal away kit - details

    The sides of the shirt have a porous strip to allow for extra ventilation. It is much more breathable than the main pieces of fabric and I could absolutely see how it would help cool you down on a hot day.

    Portugal away shirt inside out


    Inverting the shirt shows the discolored interior. I still don’t know why this is, but it cannot be good. I have a feeling this is a product of the deteriorating material quality used more recently in mainstream replica shirts.



    Portugal away shirt - printing

    I’m torn on this print. The font is actually pretty good, but the back and front numbers are quite different in that the back is much more intricate in design. The front is a single, white piece of plastic (see close-up above).

    As seen here, the back number has a dotted design with a red border and crest.

    Portugal number - federation logo


    Portugal away jersey rating

    It pains me to write this not so favorable review, but ultimately these shirts are meant to be worn, and if they’re not comfortable that’s a huge problem. It may look great on the stars on the pitch or in your closet, but don’t plan on wearing this one much.

    As always, the official Portugal away jersey and the official printing from Sporting ID are available to purchase from iDfootballdesk.

    Click here to check out the Portugal national team jerseys

  • EPL Champs badges timeline 1992-2016

    EPL Champs badges | Premier League Champions badges | PL gold patches

    The history of the EPL champs badge runs insync with that of the regular EPL sleeve badge.

    1992/93 would see the first edition.

    2007/08 would see an upgrade.

    2013/14 would see a continuation of the 2007/08 version.

    and what does that mean in practice ? well, here you go!

    EPL Champs badges timeline 1992-2016

    Click here to learn more about the EPL Champs sleeve badges from Sporting ID

    and this link may also be of relevance:

    Click here to learn more about the materials used for the EPL Champs badges

  • Premier League sleeve badges photo timeline

    Let's look not at human evolution but at the evolution of Premier League sleeve badges.

    Not sure whether the history of EPL badges is more or less interesting than that of human evolution. It holds one advantage though. It is notably shorter )

    EPL badges timeline 1992-2016

    The dimensions of the replica size patch have not changed much over time. When it comes to player's size I am not so sure since I have never had a player's size patch 92-07 close by. But I would think that probably they were similar in size to those used since 2007.

    Click here to learn more about the Premier League sleeve badges from Sporting ID

    and this link may also be of relevance:

    Click here to learn more about the materials used for the EPL badges

  • Premier League badges 1992-2015

    Premier League Sleeve Badges 1992/93 - 2015/16

    The English Premier League EPL was inaugurated with 1992-93 season. It was a new structure and a new organization centered around the already existing clubs. But in a more modern edition than the old Football League. The potential to tap commercial revenue sources better was at the heart of the new structure. Especially when it came to negotiating TV deals. But also smaller revenue streams would be exploited to a higher extent among those the name and number kits worn by the players on the pitch.

    Premier League badges were introduced already from the start to promote the new league. One patch attached to each sleeve. But it was not only the season 1996/97 that the standardized letters and numbers emerged. And it was not until the season 1997/98 when the process of adoption among all clubs in the league was fully implemented.

    The first badges were produced by Chris Kay and Metro Sports + briefly at a later stage by a Dutch company. Chris Kay and Metro Sports were later acquired and merged by ITW and turned into a new company called Sporting ID which as of today holds the exclusive rights to produce the printing. However, back in the days Chris Kay and Metro Sports used different processes for the printing. So in fact there would be a flock product as well as a plastic product available in the market.

    Chris Kay did the flock Lextra product which has almost a cloth like feel to it. Metro Sports would do a thinner plastic style product.

    EPL badges 1992-2007 - Chris Kay

    as you can tell from the plastic backing the product is in Lextra and is produced under US patent laws with a license from fiberlok.

    Click here to learn more about Fiberlok!

    Click here to learn more about Sporting ID!

    The badge is one dimensional and does not have any 3D effects at the front with an elevated lion or the like.

    Compare this product to the plastic product also available in the market.

    EPL plastic badges 92-07 Metro Sports

    Much thinner and a completely different product material.

    Already at an early stage the idea with Champs badge was introduced. Thus before the uniform name and number kit came along the reigning champs would wear a badge notably different from that of the other clubs.

    EPL champs badge 1992-2007

    At the time there was also this duality in the vocabulary. Premiership, Premier League. Presumably the Premier League being the league structure with the Premiership being the tournament in play and thus one would win the Premiership title in the Premier League. Since this distinction is rather fine and largely incomprehensible to the majority of fans the "Premiership" has now disappeared as a concept and there is only one and the same Premier League. Full stop. Period. Punto finale.

    The Champs badge at the early beginnings might have been slightly lacking in finish compared to the more elaborate badge being introduced in 2007 and beyond. Again the material is Lextra.

    Until 2007 only replica size badges and printing was available for retail. The player's size badges and printing was reserved for the clubs.

    With few iterations the uniform name set and the sleeve badges would go on until 2007. Good English conservative style. Why change a concept that obviously works ? But even in the UK it is time for a change from time to time. Thus in 2007 the newly founded Sporting ID thought it was time for an upgrade.

    EPL badges 2007-13

    The new material used for the sleeve badges is called Senscilia and is similar in style to the Lextra but without the license fees due to the US licence holder Fiberlok.

    2 different sizes are now available in the market. Replica size and player's size. Can be hard to see the difference in size in the image due to the fact that the photo is taken from a slightly backwards angle in order to avoid reflections from the electrical light above.

    A cleaner design with more elaborate details. Premiership being replaced by Premier League. All in all a step forward while being true to tradition.

    Also when it comes to the Champs badges there has been a notable upgrade.

    EPL champs badges 2007-13

    In this photo it is easier to spot the size difference since it is taken more directly from above the badges placed on the table.

    These badges are produced in Senscilia and are 3D badges in the sense that the lion as well as the Barclays Premier League titles are separate pieces applied on the gold background.

    From the back the badges do not look like much fun but this surface is just some adhesive which will be released once the badges is subjected to high temperature and pressure and eventually will make the badge stick.

    The plastic version has now disappeared and the dimensions of the new badges slightly bigger.

    Next major change comes in 2013 when a new type of plastic letters and numbers are introduced. PS Pro. At the same time a new material is introduced for the EPL badges: Pro S.

    The Champs badges remain the same both designwise and when it comes to the material used. The Pro S badge is a bit different and has a different feel to it compared to the predecessor the Senscilia badge. To the left hand side the player's size badge are displayed while to the right hand side you will see the replica size badges.

    EPL badges 2015/16 Champs

    and then seen from the front. Player's size to the left. Replica size to the left.

    EPL badges 2015 front

    The current contract expires after the season 2015/16. No doubt that Sporting ID will also acquire the rights to produce the Premier League names and numbers and badges beyond that. The question is at what price ? The new EPL broadcasting deal has seen a 70% price increase over the previous deal which was already very expensive. Will the price for the name and number kits go the same way ? if so the bill to foot will surely be passed on to the fans through price increases. Another question is whether a new design will come out ? Though the 2013 change saw a new product material the design from 2007 was left unchanged. So maybe it is time for a design update ? Maybe a new material will be introduced ? for either letters, numbers or badges ?

    Interestingly the Premier League is the only major league in Europe which has introduced a uniform name and number kit adopted by all clubs in the league. The French league might have a system where the LFP logo is used in the numbers but the font , style , and size varies from club to club. In Spain, Germany, Italy the only thing which is the same by all clubs is the league sleeve badge worn on the right arm sleeve. In the Premier League there is a badge to each sleeve the other leagues stick to just one league badge and on the right arm sleeve.

    And in order not to bloat the size of the blog post if loaded on a mobile device with scarce bandwidth additional pics of the badges ordered as a timeline will follow in separate blog posts:

    Click here to see more detailed photos of the EPL Champs badges 1992-2016!

    Click here to see more detailed photos of the standard EPL badges 1992-2016!

    The Spanish League the LFP tried to introduce a uniform name and number set for the entire league back in the season 2003/04 but since Real Madrid did not wish to participate. Opted out and struck a separate deal with Chris Kay the experiment only lasted one season and never had all La Liga club involved. This kind of symbolizes the difficulties in Spain or creating league wide unity and thus create a common framework for the greater good. TV broadcasting deals with revenue share is perhaps the most talked about example but the above example serves as an indication that it is not the only issue. It is essentially rather difficult for the Spanish clubs to reach some sort of league wide compromise and unity.

  • Italian Serie A badges 2015/16

    Serie A badges TIM | Scudetto badge | Coppa Italia patch

    Latest news from the scene from Italy. For many years the distribution of the Serie A TIM Lega Calcio sleeve badge was restricted and could only be sold to the clubs. Thus the badges were not available for general retail and only entered the market through the backdoor for next to end up at ebay and other market places. In that case a new issue would arise as how to confirm if the badge was genuine or a fake copy.

    Starting with the season 2015/16 Italian producer of badges and transfers Stilscreen has managed to break the deadlock though and the badge is now available for general retail. The new badge and the old badge are very similar in style.

    Lega Calcio TIM Serie A badge comparison

    Both badges are around 7.3 cm long at the center. The width is around 5.7 cm.

    The badge to the left hand side is the badge for the season 2014/15. The badge to the right is the badge for the season 2015/16.

    As to the differences the old badge is slightly thicker, 1-2 mm, thicker. The new badge is brighter in the colors. It feels lighter and more flexible. All in all it seems like an upgrade compared to the 2014/15 version.

    Serie A TIM 2015/16 badge

    The badge can be applied at 140 degrees and for a solid 25 seconds. No plastic to peel off. The pressure should be moderate 3-4 bars. Usually the scale runs from 1 to 5.

    Designwise the badge uses the logo of the professional Italian league.

    Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie A: Click here to check out the website Lega Serie A

    The color scheme is as it is often when it comes to anything Italian dominated by the colors of the Italian flag: green, red, white. Whether the blue of Serie A team is relating to Azzurri or the blue color of the sea as well as the sky of the Mediterranean is unknown. But likely.

    The badges is bordered by thin golden line. Since it is the not a Champions badge it does not imply any honors per se. Unless one considers participation in the Serie A as being an honor in its' own right. The circular form at the center is also in this golden color. Looks like a football given the round shape. Choice of color might be arbitrary or imply some kind honor related to playing at the highest level and competing for the title of all Italian league football.

    The badge is applied to the right arm sleeve.

    However, the Italians like to embroider the shirts to the max. so it does not stop with the league badge. There are additional badges which can be spotted on the jerseys around the Italian league Serie A.

    Coppa Italia.

    Coppa Italia badge

    The Coppa Italia badge has a different texture than the Lega Calcio badge. The Lega Calcio badge has a feel of plastic and rubber while the Coppa Italia badge is more cloth like. It has a softer feel to it and a different texture.

    It is plain round with a dimension of approx. 4 cm radius.

    Again the color scheme is made up of the colors of the Italian flag: red, white, green.

    And what does it do good for ? well, in fact it is the reigning Cup Winner which has the honor to wear the badge during the following season. Juventus won the Italian Cup called TIM Cup for the campaign 2014/15 and thus hold the right to wear the badge to the chest of the jersey for the season 2015/16.

    In order to make it stick it has to be applied at a relatively high temperature of 160 degrees.


    Scudetto badge

    The Scudetto badge is larger in size than the Coppa Italia badge. It measures around 6.9 cm top to bottom and 5.1 cm across. The motive is the Italian flag with a glitzy outline of the purest gold. At least when it comes to the color. The fabric is similar to that of the Coppa Italia badge. A soft texture of a cloth like fabric. The badge will be applied to the fabric of the jersey by releasing the glue on the backside which will make it stick.

    The badge is an exclusive badge reserved for the winner of the previous Serie A campaign. Thus for the season 2015/16 the sole club with the right to wear the badge will be Juventus because they won the Serie A for the season 2014/15.

    So Juventus will wear a minimum of 3 badges during their matches in the Italian for the season 2015/16 while when it comes to performances in the UCL they can even top that number by adding the Starball as replacement of the Serie A badge and then adding the Respect badge to the left arm sleeve.

    Some fans enjoy to add these badges to their jersey while others do not bother or may even find that they detract from the value by adding to many noisy elements to the otherwise fairly clinical design. Yet others observe the badges while watching a match on TV and probably think that in order to get the "real thing" they will need to add these badges as to make it as identical in style as possible to the one on display on TV. TV has a huge importance when it comes to replica sales since every match is like an hour long commercial for uniforms and cleats. And it is also where many fans discover specific elements relating to the replica kits. Like if a player has changed the squad number, or they realize that there are also shorts numbers, or maybe a special badge like UEFA Respect badge which only appeared some seasons back and which is not available for general retail.

    Many fans have also inquired about how to get hold on the Lega Calcio Serie A TIM badge over the years and the reply has always been somewhat hesitant yeah well hard to know why we cannot buy these badges wholesale. Well, we might be able to get a few pieces now and then through the backdoor etc.

    But all of these concerns are now gone. Finally the Serie A badge is freely available and is distributed world wide by Stilscreen.

    Whether the product is one of interest to you  - is a different question though ? Do you think it adds value to the jersey or do you prefer to keep your jersey clean and without too much external noise ? well it all comes down to personal taste and specific preferences.

    Check out the information about the Serie A badge here from the Stilscreen website!

    and as well about the Coppa and Scudetto badges.

    Check out the official information the Scudetto and Coppa Italia badges here!

    Forza Italia!

  • Difference between Replica size and Player's size EPL badges

    EPL badges | comparison of the player's size badge and the replica size badge.

    The dimensions and the shape of Champs gold badges versus regular blue white Premier League badges are the same.

    The size between player's issue and replica issue is not very big but still significant.

    Replica size badges measure approximately: 7 x 8 cm

    Player's size badges measure approximately: 8 x 9 cm

    EPL badges versus Champs badges

    and a comparison between replica size and player's size:

    Premier League sleeve badge comparison

    Click here if you want to learn more about the different types of EPL badges

    Or you may click here if you want to shop for a jersey with the official EPL badges!

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