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  • Vinicius 25 jersey | Real Madrid strikers re-emerge to play a role

    Ronaldo left a huge gap upfront when he departed from Madrid in order to join Juventus in the summer of 2018. Real Madrid never really recouped the 40-50 goals a season which were suddenly missing. But while the season 18/19 turned out to be a disaster well then the season 19/20 has seen some sparks of light even upfront with the Madrid side.

    Brazilian youngsters Vinicius and Rodrygo have shown some skills which may indicate that better days are ahead.

    Real Madrid Vinicius 25 kit

    Vinicius started out with number 28 but has now made his way down to the number 25. Rodrygo is number 27.

    Benzema home kit Real Madrid

    Another sign of life is provided by Karim Benzema. The French striker who arrived at the Bernabeu alongside Ronaldo back in 2009. He is now kind of a talisman at the Bernabeu alongside with other long serving players like Ramos and Marcelo.

  • Real Madrid away kit 19/20 | RM away jersey

    The Real Madrid away kit for the season 19/20 is deep navy with gold contrast.

    A very beautiful and elegant kit. Shorts and socks follow the theme from the jersey.

    Real Madrid away jersey 19/20

    The printing is the same as for the home kit. Gold.

    Real Madrid away printing 19/20

    The long sleeve jersey is not available unfortunately in adult sizes. Only the kids can benefit from this elegant jersey with long sleeves.

  • Real Madrid 3rd kit | RM third jersey 19/20

    All three Real Madrid kits for the season 19/20 have been launched.

    The third kit to appear was the third kit. A mint, light green shade.

    Real Madrid third kit 19/20

    Until December of 2019 RM will continue to wear the gold patch above the adidas logo. Sign that they are the reining FIFA Club World Cup champions. Real won the title back in December of 2018.

  • Real Madrid name and number printing 17/18

    The official Real Madrid printing for the season 17/18 comes in two versions.

    La Liga


    Click here to learn more about the Real Madrid 17/18 printing!

    The Spanish league association decided that all clubs en La Liga should wear the same font. RM was against the idea but eventually had to give in.

    Real Madrid tryk 17/18

    In the Champions League the club is free to wear the printing which has been devised by Adidas though.

    Real Madrid UCL printing 17/18

    This printing comes with the club logo in the numbers while the league printing comes without club logo.

  • Real Madrid jersey ASENSIO 20 - rising star of the Bernabeu

    The latest new revelation in Spanish football is the Spanish player Marco Asensio who wears the number 20 for Real Madrid. Plain straight name no accents no "M. " before the surname. Very clean style.

    Real Madrid Asensio 20 jersey

    The away kit is black with teal contrast and white printing.

    Real Madrid away jersey ASENSIO 20

    The third jersey is teal green / turquise blue and also comes with the white printing.

    Real Madrid third kit Asensio 20

    Three very beautiful and stylish outfits very suitable for a brilliant young player who has already made his mark with a goal in the UCL final as well as two screamers in the Spanish SuperCup.

  • Real Madrid home kit shorts number 17/18

    The Real Madrid shorts numbers for the campaign 17/18 are now placed above the club logo.

    Real Madrid home kit 17/18

    The printing is teal green like the name and number printing on the back.

    To the right hand side chest there is a gold patch: FIFA WCC 2016.

  • Real Madrid third kit shorts number 17/18

    Real Madrid used to have the shorts number to the left tigh. But for some reason this has now been changed so that the shorts number now features above the club logo to the right tigh.

    Real Madrid third kit 2017/18

    The shorts numbers are white as the printing for the away as well as for the third kit.

  • New Real Madrid 3rd jersey 2017/18 | RM third kit

    The new Real Madrid 3rd kit 2017/18 will launch on Friday the 18th of August.

    The kit is in a blue-green shade.

    Real Madrid 3rd kit 17/18

    The printing for the RM 3rd kit is white the same style as for the away kit and the goal keeper jerseys.

    Real Madrid third jersey 17/18

    The jersey is portrayed including the FIFA WCC 2016 gold patch to the right chest above the adidas logo.

  • Modric' 10 | New Number 10 jersey in Real Madrid

    New Real Madrid player with number 10 is Luca Modric'.

    James Rodriguéz went to FC Bayern and left the number 10 open in Madrid.

    No new major signing being undertaken and the number was free to pick up by a player already under contract. Modric got the nod.

    Modric' 10 jersey RM 17/18

  • New Real Madrid jerseys 2017/18

    Real Madrid has launched 2 new jerseys 21st of June.

    Black/green away jersey.

    White/green home jersey.

    Real Madrid away kit 2017/18The background seems to be the area around Gran Via in Madrid.

    Real Madrid kits 2017/18The badge to the right chest is the FIFA World Club Champions 2016 badge which symbolizes that Real Madrid won the club World Cup back in December 2016.

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