• The 10 Greatest players Ever! From 1950 - 2020

    I must admit that I have no idea as to which players were dominant in their day prior to WWII. Maybe some football historian will be able to point o fantastic stars which simply have to be on the list, but since I am happily unaware of what went on at this early point I will simply leave it out. While the World Cup in 1950 was spectacular and a fantastic story, I never heard about any player as such which defined the tournament nor the period in time.

    Worlds 10 best players ever!

    The first superstar I am aware of is Puskas who starred for Hungary which nearly won the World Cup in 1954 as well as Real Madrid which won 5 European Cups during the 1950s.

    A fellow star at this Real Madrid team was Argentinian RM legend Alfredo di Stefano. The combined Ronaldo and Messi of his day.

    By 1958 a new star was won in Sweden by the name of Pele, and football was changed forever.

    1966 would see Eusebio excel for Portugal, while he was also doing his part at club level bagging two European Cup (UCL) titles with Benfica.

    Move on to 1974 and two superstars emerge at the same time: Beckenbauer and Cruyff.

    Moving into the 1980s and 1982 sees the emergence of Maradona as well as Platini. Platini would see his maximum glory in 1984 while Maradona would immortalize the 1986 World Cup.

    Next we move into the 90s where Ronaldo from Brazil and Zidane from France emerge as the next generation of superstars.

    After they retire the stage is taken over by the Portuguese Ronaldo and yet another Argentinian Messi.

    Who will be the next generation ? Neymar , Mbappe ?? or will we suddenly see a new superstar nobody has currently heard of.

    Honorable mention will have to go to Ronaldinho Gaucho, Baggio, Del Piero, Matthäus, Xavi, Van Bastan, Romario, Maldini etc. and a number of other players from earlier times as well.

    Rivera from Italy, George Best from England, Suarez from Spain - just to provide these World Cup winners with a bit of attention at individual players.

    Only problem is that this list now contains 12 names and not 10. And since it is a top 10 list it has to be shortened.

    So the two players who will be cut will be Alfredo di Stefano and Michel Platini. The first because he did not perform at the World Cup , and the second because he was overshadowed by Maradona, and later by his countryman Zidane.

    This leaves us with the following list in no particular order. Very hard to compare players over time since the game is in constant flux of development.







    Ronaldo de Lima



    Ronaldo (Cristiano)

  • Pogba Predator soccer cleats April 2018

    New Predator cleats have been released April 2018.

    Worn for the first time by Paul Pogba in match versus City. Pogba scores 2 goals and United win 3-2, coincidence ?? ))

    Predator cleats 2018 Pogba

    And on the field action worn by Paul Pogba!

    Pogba Predator soccer cleats 2018

    The cleats are blue with green striped , light green like the color of nascent spring grass.


    Pogba Predator in action


    Great moves by the French super star - fantastic balance.

    Predator Pogba football boots


    Pogba at the top of his game!

    Adidas Predator soccer cleats inside

  • Messi Nemeziz cleats April 2018

    A new Nemeziz football boot from Adidas has been launched!

    Messi firm ground soccer cleats

    Messi soccer cleats in a beautiful blue purple color with green contrast.

    Worn first time on pitch in a match where Messi scored a hattrick. A coincidence ??

    Messi Nemeziz boots on pitch

    And from a different angle:

    Messi Nemeziz soccer cleats

    and finally a close up

    Messi Nemeziz footwear

    and from the other side.

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  • Man City home jersey De Bruyne 17

    New man in town for a sum well on the good side of 50m £.

    Belgium international De Bruyne 17 has made the switch from Wolfsburg and to Manchester City.

    Man City home jersey De Bruyne 17

    The details of the printing go as follows:

    Sporting ID

    PS PRO - navy / white

    EPL 2013/16 design (might be continued beyond 2016 as well)

    the name is curved the numbers approximately 6 cm below the lowest point of the letters in the name.

    PRO S - EPL sleeve badges from Sporting ID at each sleeve.

  • Zlatan jerseys 2014

    Unfortunately Sweden missed out on the World Cup. The Swedish team will be missed. Not so much because of the 10 players other than Zlatan but because of the absence of Zlatan Ibrahimovic'.

    So how does the world like with Zlatan in place.

    Sweden home jersey 2014 Zlatan


    and the away jersey. Navy with accents of blue and yellow. White stripes to the sleeves in order for it to look more classy I assume so it does not blow up entirely into a yellow and blue flurry.

    Sweden away jersey 2014 Ibrahimovic


    Finally Zlatan's big chance for some silverware in 2014. Paris Saint-Germain.

    Paris SG home jersey 2014

    and how does it look like with a badge on the Sweden jersey ?

    FIFA badge on Sweden jersey

  • Ronaldo jerseys 2014

    What will Ronaldo wear in the year of 2014 ?

    A Portugal jersey for the World Cup is a pretty good guess.

    Portugal home jersey 2014


    what else ?

    How about a white Real Madrid jersey then ?

    Real Madrid home jersey 2014

    The winner of the Ballon d'Or in 2013 as the best footballer in the world.

    Ronaldo Ballon d'Or 2013

  • Messi jerseys 2014

    Messi still chasing his first title with his country. The Argentina first kit must be first for Leo in the year of 2014.

    Argentina home jersey 2014

    Second priority on the list must be the laurels for FC Barcelona.

    FC Barcelona home jersey 2014


    and finally third spot on the priority list. Segunda equipacion or the away kit for Argentina. Runners up his still a medal and at a World Cup.

    Argentina away jersey 2014


    How about the individual honors ? well, Messi already won the Ballon d'Or 4 times. Another 5th title may wait a little while.

    Messi Ballon d'Or 2012

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