• How the Offshore economy works

    Brilliant and very informative investigation into the historical origin of the offshore economy with offshore banking and offshore shell companies. As well as a look at the implications for the wider economy and society in general.

    Click here to read more about Moneyland by Oliver Bullough!

    The book is also to be found on Amazon (ofc) and in the Guardian bookshop:

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    It is all about the gold . . .

    Gold Standard

  • The British Establishment - the Long Read

    Who holds the power in society ? How does the power structure develop over time ? How does the power balance change over time ? What has been the development over the past 20 years ?

    These are the questions the author Aeron Davis are trying to answer in a book coming out in 2018.

    A summary of the main points are to be found here!

    The main power in society in the modern age is held between the players in a triangle consisting of:



    Finance and Business

    Politics can be broken down into politicians, and civil servants (public servants)

    Media is considered a unity with a number of different players involved

    Economics consists of large corporations and the financial industry.

    But who holds the power and how has the balance changed over the course of time ?

    And how does the future looks like ?

    Power in the United Kingdom in the 21st century

    The photo above may allude to the answer to the main questions raised in the book / article.

  • Rakuten and FC Barcelona

    New shirt sponsorship deal between FC Barcelona and the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

    Rakuten FC Barcelona

    The deal is worth 55m USD a year. The biggest shirt sponsor ship deal in sports as of writing.

  • Best selling jerseys - who comes out on top ?

    Another round up of the latest sales figures of football shirts from the main clubs.

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    The figures seem to be flat though if compared with figures years back. While the price of kit deals has been nothing but flat but goes up all the time many times over. So either the current kit deals are inflated or previous deals must have been highly undervalued.

    But who sells the most ?

    Man Utd clocks in at 1,750,000 pieces

    Real Madrid comes second with 1.650 m

    FC Barcelona is a distant third with 1278000 pieces

    fourth is Bayern with 1,200,000 joining the million club

    Man Utd home kit 15/16

    Completing the top 10:

    Chelsea 899000

    Liverpool 852000

    Arsenal 835000

    PSG 526000 (how many after Ibra has left ??)

    Juventus 452000

    Dortmund 393000

    Outside of the top 10.

    Man City is 13 with 342000

    Tottenham is 15 with 268000

    Atletico is 20 with 173000

  • 10 best selling players 2014/15

    So which players sell the most jerseys ?

    Well, the numbers are confidential so it is everyone's guess. But some estimate can be made.

    These figures go for the season 2014/15 and will surely be different for the season 15/16 and as they were from the season 13/14.

    10 best selling player name kits by 90minutes

    Real Madrid home kit Ronaldo 7

    From the bottom to the top:

    Ibrahimovic (PSG)

    Balotelli (LFC)

    Robben (FCB)

    Sanchez (AFC)

    Fabregas (CFC)

    Di Maria (MU)

    Falcao (MU)

    James (RM)

    Neymar (FCB)

    Messi (FCB)

    ROnaldo (RM)

    The 10 best selling players in the Premier League for the season 2014/15 should be the following. Which contradicts the figures from the list above. Unless the figures below are UK sales only while the figures above are global sales ?

    Best selling PL jerseys

    Also if the figures are based upon nameblocks sold it might over-estimate the figures of the stars. Since less famous players might sell as custom names made up of single letters thus not featuring in the statistics.

    Also the question is whether the figures below are for the full season 14/15 while the figures above might cover the calendar year 2014. Fabregas might have sold a lot upon his arrival in London but that was already in 2013.

    v. Persie: 1.2%

    Kun Aguero: 1.46%

    Gerrard: 1.76%

    Falcao: 1.99%

    Rooney: 2.09%

    Hazard: 2.10%

    De Gea: 2.16%

    Diego Costa: 2.27%

    Alexis: 3.80%

    Di Maria: 9.59%


    No major surprises. But very impressive that De Gea made it to the top being a goal-keeper.

  • 10 best selling jerseys 2014/15

    Which Jerseys are sold the most?

    According to these are the figures for the season 2014/15.

    Not sure who their reference us ?

    Click here to see the sportsbreak slide show

    So the list of best selling jerseys goes like this:

    AC Milan: 350 K

    PSG: 385 K

    Inter: 450 K

    Juve: 480 K

    Arsenal: 800 K

    Liverpool: 810 K

    Bayern: 880 K

    Chelsea: 910 K

    Barca: 1.15 m

    Man Utd: 1.4 m

    Real Madrid: 1.5 m

    Real Madrid best selling jersey 2014/15


    No major surprises really.

    After the treble win for Barcelona at the end of the season 2014/15 one might expect though that they rise in the ranks for 15/16. With new launch for Manchester United of their kit from Adidas that might boost sales as well. Real Madrid might see a drop though due to lack of titles, honors, signings etc. But a top 3 placement should be guaranteed nevertheless.

    For the season 2013/14 Bayern should have sold 1.3 m jerseys.

    Click here to read the article! Bayern jersey sales 13/14

    So that is what success does. Since Bayern won the treble in 2013 (for the season 2012/13) it has probably help to elevate sales significantly for the season 13/14.

  • What Good Is Private Equity ?

    Not much it seems. No benefit to society at large.

    Read the article about What Good is Wall Street here!

    Wall Street and Greed meet

    A quote:

    A recent study by the research firm Ibbotson Associates shows that during the past decade investors in hedge funds, over all, would have done just as well putting their money straight into the S&P 500. “The amount of rent capture has been huge,” Woolley said. “Investment banking, prime broking, mergers and acquisitions, hedge funds, private equity, commodity investment—the whole scale of activity is far too large.” I asked Woolley how big he thought the financial sector should be. “About a half or a third of its current size,” he replied.

  • FC Bayern extends deal with Adidas

    The current deal would run until 2020. The new deal will extend the cooperation until 2030.

    The terms have also been re-negociated. According to Sport Bild the annual pay out to Bayern will go from 25 million Euros a season to 60 million.

    Click this link to read more about the new sponsorship deal between adidas and Bayern

    The deal is part of adidas' new strategy of betting on the biggest clubs and federations as well as talented young players.

    FC Bayern Munich third kit model

  • Best Paid Footballers

    According to the annual generated by France Football the best paid soccer player on the planet is. . .

    Barca home Messi 10

    Followed by those on the list below.

    The list of best paid footballers was released in March of 2015 and thus covers the year of 2014.

    Top 20 players
    1. Lionel Messi (Barcelona): €65 million
    2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid): €54 million
    3. Neymar (Barcelona): €36.5 million
    4. Thiago Silva (Paris Saint-Germain): €27.5 million
    5. Robin Van Persie (Manchester United): €25.6 million
    6. Gareth Bale (Real Madrid): €23.8 million
    7. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United): €22.5 million
    8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Paris Saint-Germain): €21.5 million
    9. Sergie Aguero (Manchester City): €21.2 million
    10.Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich): €20.2 million
    11. Eden Hazard (Chelsea) and Yaya Toure (Manchester City): €20 million
    13. Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao (Manchester United): €18.5 million
    15. Iker Casillas (Real Madrid): €17.8 million
    16. David Silva (Manchester City) and Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea): €17.3 million
    18. David Luiz (Paris Saint-Germain): €17.2 million
    19. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid): €17 million
    20. Mario Gotze (Bayern Munich): €16.9

  • International Sneaker Market

    From Forbes.

    Click here to read the full article about Sneaker market!

    This may explain Under Armour's venture into soccer as well as their new lines of footwear and women's clothing.

    Under Armour sneaker

    Surely they have all the elements in place now to become a major brand also internationally.

    UA is now the second biggest sporting goods brand in the US behind Nike.

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