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  • New Barca home kit 2019/20 . . . and it ain't pretty ))

    Barcelona will wearing the ugliest kit of the club's history. Chequered ? Who came up with this brilliant idea ?? Does not look novel, does not look chique, does not look pretty. The one word that springs to mind UGLY.

    Take a look and judge for yourself.

    Barca home kit 19/20

    And what have we got in the photo above ? Men's kit as well as women's kit. Why mix the two up anyway ? Taking a progressive stance are you Nike of Oregon. . .

    Why not include field hockey players, handball , basketball , and a youth academy team as well.

    The printing is supplied by Avery Dennison. The sleeve badges by Sipesa.

    And anyone out with the hope that the away and third kits will make up for the home kit disaster. Well , not much relief there. Not quite as bad but not very pretty either.

    Barcelona kits 19/20

  • Avery Dennison gets FC Barcelona world wide contract

    American multinational giant Avery Dennison has taken over the world wide license of producing the official FC Barcelona name and number printing.

    Until now they had split the contract with Sporting ID which did the world wide distribution and production outside of Spain, while Avery held the rights for the Iberian peninsula.

    Avery Barcelona home printing

    According to the photo one would think that the contract runs for 4 years.

    Click here to read the full press Avery and FC Barcelona release!

    The printing is produced in Norway by Avery's Norwegian subsidiary.

  • New FC Barcelona 18/19 printing by Avery

    Sipesa were the first to hold a license to produce the official FC Barcelona printing.

    This license was taken over by Sporting ID a few years back.

    From starting from the season 2018/19 the new provider will be Avery.

    FC Barcelona printing by Avery

    Avery in Norway has already produced the official player's issue version for a couple of years. But now all products player's issue, replica, junior etc. + distribution be gathered under Avery.

    Avery in Norway provides Barcelona with 4 million pieces a year

    It is unclear though how this figure is counted. Messi + 1 + 0 + UNICEF or Messi + 1 + 0 does it mean that each name and number kit consists of somewhere between 2 and 4 pieces ?

    So the number of name kits could be anywhere between 1 million and 4 million in total.

    The quality is great.

    Avery Number 1 FC Barcelona

    Beautifully design with net structure.

    Click here to check out the offering by Avery of FC Barcelona printing!

    Not only does Avery provide printing for FC Barcelona but they also help clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal.

    Click here to read about the cooperation between Avery and Liverpool FC!

  • FC Barcelona makes a push for Catalan governance

    FC Barcelona is one of the main symbols of Catalonia and the push for independence or increased autonomy.

    Barcelona is not Spain Barcelona is Catalunya

    Click to watch video hosted on YouTube. Russia has its own issues with regions like Abkhazia, Krim, Caucasus. Thus not surpricing with a bit of support from Russian side.

    The colors of the Catalan flag are often part of the design of jersey, apparel, and merchandise.

    For many years the jerseys of Barca were void of any kind of commercial influence apart from a small badge on the left arm sleeve for the Catalan TV station TV3.

  • Barcelona home player jersey - Messi 10

    FC Barcelona has seen a couple of changes for the upcoming 17/18 season.

    New kit sponsor is Rakuten the Japanese online marketplace. New printing from Sporting ID. and a new home kit though it does not differ much from previous seasons.

    Barcelona home player jersey Messi 10

    Click here to shop the new Barca 17/18 kits including the Barcelona Messi 10 jersey

    The away kit will be blue.

    The third kit will be brown, dark red.

  • New FC Barcelona home jersey 2017/18

    New Barcelona home jersey has launched.

    The sponsor is from the Japanese marketplace Rakuten.

    FC Barcelona home kit 17/18

  • FC Barcelona jerseys 2017/18

    The Catalan newspaper sport.es has revealed the new Barca kits for the season 17/18.

    Click here to check out the new Barca kits 17/18!

    Barcelona kits 2017/18

  • Rakuten and FC Barcelona

    New shirt sponsorship deal between FC Barcelona and the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten.

    Rakuten FC Barcelona

    The deal is worth 55m USD a year. The biggest shirt sponsor ship deal in sports as of writing.

  • New FC Barcelona kits 2016/17

    FC Barcelona will launch 3 new kits for the season 2016/17.

    A home kit with vertical stripes

    A green away kit

    A purple third kit

    FC Barcelona soccer kits 2016/17

    The FIFA WCC 2015 badge will be at the chest until December when a new World Club Champions team will be found.

    A stylish collection certain to thrill the many Barca fans around the world.

  • FC Barcelona home and away kit 2016/17

    Taking up the old time classics back from the 90s the Barca kits 2016/17 might resemble those shown here below.

    FC Barcelona home and away kit 16/17

    Home kit to the left and away kit to the right hand side.

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