• Haaland 17 jersey | Dortmund kit 2020

    Norwegian youngster and player on the rise Erling Haaland has made the switch from Austria football and to the German Bundesliga. Borussia Dortmund won the hard fought fight secure his signature.

    Haaland 17 Dortmund home kit

    The jersey is provided by Puma while the Bundesliga sleeve badge is by courtesy of Deko Graphics. The sweat jersey underneath the outfield uniform is by Puma as well.

    Haaland 17 Dortmund home kit

    The official Dortmund printing is provided by Avery Denisson these days.

    Dortmund is pre-printed by the kit supplier in this case Puma. Which means that the name is placed under the number which is rather unusual and typically only seen in the Bundesliga.

    It does look like though that the soccer cleats the young Norwegian wears are from Nike. Nike and adidas have managed to corner the market for soccer footwear to an astonishing degree. Puma is third in this game but a very distant third.

  • Dortmund home jersey 2019/20

    New Dortmund home kit for the season 19/20 has been released!

    Dortmund home kit 19/20

    The kit is a fairly conservative design with the typical yellow theme with black contrast.

    Dortmund home kit stadium

    The printing is black, the Bundesliga goes to the right arm sleeve while the Opel logo go to the left arm sleeve.

  • New Dortmund home kit 2018/19

    New Dortmund home kit has now been released for the season 2018/19.

    Surprice, Surprise  - the jersey is yellow with black contrast!

    Dortmund home kit 2018/19

    Check it out by clicking the link below:

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  • New Dortmund home jersey 2017/18

    New Kit launch alert!

    New Borrusia Dortmund home kit for the season 2017/18!

    Click to buy the official Dortmund home jersey!Dortmund soccer kit 17/18

  • Dortmund away jersey 2016/17

    Dortmund has seen the departure of a number of major class players this summer. Only consolation. Their home kit as well as their new away kit have both been quite successful.

    Nothing new when it comes to the color scheme. Dortmund is yellow / black. Gelb Schwartz and nothing is going to change this. Home kit yellow. Away kit predominantly black.

    Dortmund away jersey 2016/17

    Great photo from Puma. The jerseys lined up in the locker room.

    The printing is yellow.

    Shorts and socks likewise black.

    BVB shorts and sock

  • New Dortmund home jersey 2016/17

    Dortmund usually releases new kits during the month of July. Not this time around. New home kit is set to be out around the 15th of May. Just in time for the Cup final tie with Bayern later during the month of May.

    Surprisingly the jersey will be yellow and black.

    Dortmund home jersey 16/17

    The printing will almost certainly be black.

    The sleeve badge will be the Bundesliga classic. The title for the season 15/16 will surely go to Bayern. Not much to do about that.

  • New Dortmund jersey 2014/15

    The Dortmund jersey 2014/15 from Puma was released end of July 2014.

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    Yellow with black contrast as usual. A somewhat more distinct pattern this time around though.

    Dortmund jersey 2014/15


    The full uniform comes with black shorts and yellow/black socks as well.

    The name and number kit 14/15 is also a new style. The color is black.

  • Dortmund home printing 13/14

    Dortmund home printing 13/14 | Puma style name & number

    Borussia Dortmund wears Puma. Puma has a specific font which they like to use for the name kits of their teams.

    Thus the Dortmund name and number style is basically a Puma font.

    Dortmund home jersey REUS 11

    The one aspect having a negative impact on the expression of the jersey is the Bundesliga badge which is kept in red and white colors - hardly a good match for a yellow and black jersey. But the only way to avoid wearing the Bundesliga patch is to win the Bundesliga title and in order to do one has to beat FC Bayern. The Bundesliga Meister patch is gold and white. Looks decent on most jerseys though it usually worn on a red or yellow background.


    Dortmund home Bundesliga patch


    One can see the top of the tail of the Puma cat below the Bundesliga patch.

    The German Bundesliga was founded in 1963 and that is the reason why the patch is celebrating the 50 years of existence through this anniversary or commemoration badge. 

    Borussia Dortmund number home club logo


    One gets a clear look at the logo, the number and the fabric of the jersey. All delivered by this very clear closeup shot.

    The producer of the printing is a local company from Dortmund:




  • Dortmund home jersey 2013/14

    BVB | Borussia Dortmund home jersey 13/14

    BallspielVerein Borussia 09 e. V. Dortmund

    Means something like Ball Club Borussia founded 1909 in Dortmund.

    It is the second most popular club in Germany after FC Bayern and the second or third most successful when it comes to the honors taken home.

    The home jersey is yellow with a black accent.

    Dortmund home jersey 2013/14

    The brand is PUMA. The only club Puma had among the Deloitte Money League's top 20 grossing clubs. Next season the tally of Puma will as a very minimum double to 2 when Arsenal joins the ranks. But for now Dortmund is the flagshiff of Puma.

    Dortmund home jersey v-neck


    The heart and the soul of the club lies in the logo. The crest. The badge. Placed right over the heart.

    Dortmund home kit 13/14 logo

    black and yellow - black and yellow - black and yellow ah ha.

    Coincidence that the colors of BVB are yellow and black ? well, hardly if one takes a look at the coat of arms of the city of Dortmund.

    City of Dortmund coat of arms


    Is it the German eagle ? or simple falcon. Not sure but it looks pretty angry - so better watch out.




  • Dortmund Bundesliga home kit 12-13

    Borussia Dortmund home kit 2012-13 Die Bundesliga

    Dortmund has a Champions League home jersey as well as a Bundesliga home jersey.


    pre-match expectations


    Excitement during the match.


    Dortmund fan zitters during match


    win or lose ? the drama is there . . .

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