AC Milan

  • AC Milan 20/21 Ibrahimovic 21 jersey

    New jersey from Puma for AC Milan for the campaign 20/21.

    The official printing is from Stilscreen.

    AC Milan 20/21 Ibrahimovic 21 jerseyThe jersey comes with 2 badges for matches in the Italian Serie A.

    The league sleeve badge and the UEFA honors badge.

    AC Milan home kit 20/21 Serie A badge Serie A 20-21 badge.

    The UEFA badge of honors symbolizes the 7 Champions League titles ACM have conquered.

    AC Milan 20/21 badge of honors 7 AC Milan 20/21 UEFA badge of honors 7 patch

    There is just one sponsor logo to be found on the jersey from Dubai based airline Emirates.

  • Ibrahimovic 21 jersey | Zlatan returns to AC Milan

    Zlatan returns to AC Milan!

    Zlatan 21 for AC Milan home kit

    The printing is from Stilscreen, the Serie A patch is from Stilscreen, the 7 Cups badge is from Sporting ID.

    In case Zlatan remains in Milan beyond the initial 6 months contract most likely he will move on to either the number 9 , 10 or 11. But for now he will stick to the 21.

    Ibrahimovic in AC Milan home uniform

    The official AC Milan home kit is provided by Puma.

  • New AC Milan home kit 2019/20

    AC Milan had yet again another disappointing season in the Italian Serie A and ended up 5th.

    5th is sufficient to secure European football but not enough to secure Champions League participation. Europa League has to do.

    Nevertheless a new kit has been launched. First up is the home kit which will be used throughout the 19/20 campaign.

    The design theme: small stripes, thin stripes.

    AC Milan home kit 19/20

    The printing will once again be provided by the Italian company Stilscreen.

  • New AC Milan home kit 18/19 by Puma

    New AC Milan home kit for the season 18/19.

    AC Milan home kit 18/19

    First season with Puma rather than Adidas. Adidas has dumped a number of teams like Real Betis, Marseille, AC Milan. Betis is now back with Kappa while Puma has snapped up Marseille and AC Milan.

    AC Milan is not what it used to be but fortunes can be turned around so that is probably what Puma is hoping for.

    A close up of the jersey.

    AC Milan home kit close up

    The away kit is white while the third kit is black. Nothing new there. That has always been the typical color scheme for the 3 Milan kits.

  • Puma new kit apparel sponsor for AC Milan 18/19

    Adidas has decided to terminate their contract with AC Milan after the end of the season 2018/19. Instead the German sporting goods producer PUMA will take over on a long term deal.

    Same story as with Olympique Marseilles. Adidas decided to terminate a contract already in place early and Puma decided to step in to take over.

    Puma new AC Milan kit sponsor

    On the flipside Puma has lost their number 1 team globally, Arsenal. Arsenal will play in Adidas starting with the season 18/19.

    Puma are left with a couple of clubs in the Premier League though: Leiceister, Burnley, Newcastle United. But none from the top 6.

    In the case of Adidas it will leave them with Juventus in Italy, and Olympique Lyon in France.

    Adidas has decided to concentrate the efforts in smaller number of select teams while dumping some of the clubs which have not performed more recently.

    Adidas will focus on sponsorships at grassroot level as well with individuals whether celebrities or athletes.

  • AC Milan 3rd jersey 2017/18 - black / red

    New AC Milan third kit in a beautiful black-red design.

    AC Milan third kit 2017/18

    The printing is the same as for the home kit which is white with no edge.

    AC Milan 3rd jersey 2017/18

    The shorts number is also an all white affair. No edge.

  • New AC Milan away jersey 2017/18

    New AC Milan has launched. Once again a very elegant design!

    AC Milan away jersey 17/18

  • New AC Milan home jersey 17/18

    Launch time!

    New AC Milan home kit for the season 2017/18.

    Click here to shop official AC Milan soccer jerseys!

    AC Milan home kit 17/18

  • New AC Milan home jersey 2016/17

    The new AC Milan home jersey will launch on the 15th of May.

    Same day as Milan will play the Cup final versus Juventus.

    AC Milan home jersey 16/17

    not much to say really about the new design. it is black and it is red and what else ?

  • New AC Milan home jersey 15/16

    The 9th of May in the home match versus AS Roma the new AC Milan home jersey 15/16 will be presented on the field for the first time!

    Milan soccer jersey 2015/16

    The jersey is a return to the basic concept of 5 black stripes and 4 red stripes.

    Red the press release here at the official website here! (In Italian)

    The shorts and socks will come with grey contrast.

    The official printing from Stilscreen will come in the Milan font.

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